A series of technology ‘platforms’ have developed from the days of MySpace and Bebo to now consist of (but not limited to) the most popular; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. This ever popular method of communication allows people and their pets to demonstrate how they live their lives through highly thought out imagery, short film and emojis, while not actually having to be social. Currently the social media epidemic causes pouting lips, filtered selfies and a taboo addiction. Those who are lucky enough to build high followings, now receive requests from PR’s and brands to send them ‘stuff’ to try, wear and eat for free, in return for such things as an ‘Instagram story’ or if you offer them cash, they might even upload a permanent post. Watch out though, kids are concerned about their social reputation when using Snapchat now, after Kylie Jenner announced the platform is no longer relevant (just as the over 30s worked out how to ‘face swap’).


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