2018 July


Actions are the things that no one wants to do but ends up having to, like an ex or a job. They are often dished out after meetings with clients or your team, a meeting that could have lasted five minutes but took an hour. An action is a task to be done in order for work to be completed, you know the things we get paid for (sorry interns that wasn’t directed at you). For example a media list is an action.


*no entry here*


Close of Play – The end of the day play – normally used when setting a deadline for the end of the day.


A fancy way of saying the things that we promise we will do for clients in meetings, basically the outcome of a campaign in terms of coverage and results.


The two sentences you politely request force a journalist to print at the bottom of a talent interview to get your brand mention in because the other 95% of the article has absolutely nothing to do with the campaign/stunt you’re working on, but is instead about said talent’s love life.


Diversity is the process of creating a workforce or team that encompasses as many types of gender, skin tone, race, religion, creed, sexual orientation. Basically different types of human beings. Other than being law (yes. we have to have a law against being non-diverse welcome to the 18th century) diversity helps create a workforce with different opinions, points of view and mindsets, meaning your team will represent a broader spectrum of people. Not just middle-class white girls called Harriet.


A double page spread is two pages of the same article covering both pages of an open publication. It is the Holy Grail for PR’s in terms of coverage. Extremely rare. Some people argue that a DPS actually means two-page spreads, so four pages of content. Either way, when PR’s inform clients they’ve secured them a DPS of coverage, they’re either outright lying or have completely nailed it (unless of course it’s a DPS in the Basildon & Wickford Recorder)


Coverage secured by PRs actually being good at their jobs and telling an interesting story as opposed to flashing the cash. do something experiential and your bound to get heaps of it on social media because everyone likes to be able to say they were “there” and if it’s not on social media they can’t have been “there”


A pre-negotiated, often meatier piece of coverage secured when a brand or client has news to announce which is offered to one journalist or media title before the brand’s breaking news is shared far and wide. Can be referred to – and confused with – first look, preview and teaser reveal


Going-Forward primarily refers to: A great phrase to use when your client has sent you a shitty email due to their own/your fuck up on a project; however, you have passive aggressive emails down to a tee and need to send a shady AF response but also remember they pay your bills. For example: We understand your frustration due to the results of this campaign (that we warned you against and you insisted we go ahead with). Going-forward, we would advise activating our initial recommended approach. Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts. Kindest Regards!


A bit like masturbation but you do it inside an agency building and normally involves multiple wankers


The response a PR gives to defend themselves when a client questions your methods or practices. “Yes, the industry-standard is to use Gorkana but sometimes we also use StatShow which is 100% completely accurate.


Key Performance Indicators are used to measure the success of a campaign or project e.g. 10 x national pieces of coverage. PR folk will always try to under sell and over deliver, although, will most certainly over promise and under deliver!

Media List

A list of reporters, editors, writers, their contact information and the name of the publication or website that they write for.


PR – Convincing people who lots of people listen to, to write the goal of putting a brand in a papers (or keeping them out.) 2- A profession designed to keep attention seekers content.


The scientifically calculated total number of places a piece of content can be seen; most frequently the total number of social media followers and stated number of readers for a publication added, with a few million zeros added on the end.

Reach Out

One of the many terms used to make PR sound more complex than it is. A good way to confuse PRs in their first week. Actually just means to call or email. Note: If this is said with a wink then the PR is expected to try and sleep with a journalist to land coverage


A journalist and client friendly document explaining our latest wild idea or launch whilst conveniently including all key brand messages.


Named after famed mathematician Royston Davis, known to friends as Roy. David was the original creator of the 34,000,000 readership formula, which deduced that one story, 25 blocks down on the sidebar of shame on the Mail Online would be read by six people – or influencers – who would then tell 5.6m people each, most likely on shareable websites like Pornhub or through the comments section on The Voice homepage.